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SASA AGM 2023 Highlights

19 April 2023 - The annual South African South Africa AGM was held on the 17th of April at the beautiful Ernie Els Wines in collaboration with Stellenbosch Wine Routes. This was a big moment for SASA as some new and exciting changes were being implemented, and with the help of Collectivantage, SASA is stepping into a new, sustainable, and promising future in the sommelier industry.

We would like to welcome the 2023-2025 SASA board members:

Spencer Fondaumiere (Chairperson) | Sommelier co-founder Wineyard East Africa and Slowgold

Erica Taylor (General Manager) | Founder of Uncorkified, writer for Star Wine List, wine judge, and wine educator

Laurie Cooper (Treasurer) | Winemaker and Sommelier at Abingdon Wine Estate

Tawanda Marume | Founder and Sommelier of Expression Wines Africa

Roxan Waldeck | Sommelier, Wine Educator, and Founder of Apeirogon Youth Development Academy.

Shane Mumba | Brand Ambassador South Africa Brandy Foundation, Certified Sommelier and Wine and Spirit Judge

A word from Spencer, “I am excited for this latest chapter for SASA. I have the utmost confidence in the new team and look forward to the next two years. A huge thank you to all those that served on the previous board, that achieved so much and laid the foundations for this next chapter.

We would also like to welcome three office bearers:

Jo Wessels | Head of Education

LeRoi Van de Vyver | Events Committee

Dani Brown (Administration) | Wine Sales Representative for Ex Animo Wine Company and Winemaker

For more information, please contact Dani Brown at

To read the full AGM minutes, please click here.

To become a SASA member, please click here.

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