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SASA Junior Sommelier Certificate

Aimed at service professionals with experience in the trade looking to formalise their skills with a qualification. Will require competent knowledge of South African wine, basic knowledge of international wine, competent understanding of professional service and be able to perform complex service tasks.

How it works
  • A closed book theory test with multiple-choice questions covering basic wine knowledge and wine service questions.

  • A practical dining room test is a scenario in which the candidate will need to show their ability to handle table service and basic but accurate wine service. The candidate will need to communicate accurately with the guest within the hospitality context.​

The SASA Junior Sommelier Examination is open for all SASA members to sit without any prerequisites (e.g., the SASA courses or any other relevant wine qualification), under the condition that the member has accumulated his/her own opinion enough experience elsewhere to attempt the examination.

Cost: R1000

You must be a member to take this exam.

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