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ASI Certification 1 Exam

The ASI Certification 1 is suitable for any candidate looking to validate his/her competencies and obtain an international validation of his/her sommelier skills. This Certification is the first step into the ASI exam program and compliments the SASA Junior sommelier certification with a greater focus on international wines.


Any candidate who achieves a pass rate of a minimum of 65% will be awarded a certificate. This certificate will be signed by the ASI Exam Committee Director and the ASI President and will be issued by SASA.

How it works

Questions of different formats will be used:

  • Short answers, multiple choices, maps, fill-the-blanks, pictures, short descriptions, calculations... (Note that an incorrect answer may yield a penalty point for multiple choice as per the ASI Guidelines.)

  • The assessment will consist of 100 questions, yielding different points based on their complexity. The minimum pass mark is 65%.

  • The total of possible points shall be spread according to the following indicative formula:

    • Wine Knowledge 45%

    • Viticulture and Oenology 10%

    • Spirits 10%

    • Sommelier Skills 25%

    • Other Beverages 10%


Check the list of competencies here.

Cost: R750

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