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Sommeliers Academy was created in 2016 to meet a growing demand to deliver world-class wine service and sommelier training in the fast-moving hospitality industry of South Africa. From the beginning, Sommeliers Academy has been focused on achieving positive results for all our students with more than just knowledge at the centre of our course development. As the leading Sommelier training provider in Africa, we are firmly focused on giving our students the personal skills and confidence to help them achieve their career dreams. We are now training over 400 students per year and have attracted a team of experienced international sommeliers and the most qualified facilitators the industry can offer. Sommeliers Academy offers wine knowledge courses from beginner to advanced and skills courses from Wine Ambassador to SASA Certified Sommelier, including the ASI Diploma. Courses are delivered from training centres across South Africa and Zimbabwe, with entry-level courses available online. As a student of Sommeliers Academy, you can be confident that we will help you succeed on every step of your wine journey.


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Apeirogon Youth Development Academy aims to empower young adults with the tools to pursue their dreams with courage and resilience. By encouraging participants to access their innate intelligence through a series of carefully crafted skills development courses, each individual can harness their unique qualities in realising their true potential. For those ready to take the first steps towards a career in wine, the Apeirogon Introduction to Wine Course is offered as a firm foundation for your path ahead.

The aim of the course is for each participant to develop proficiency and gain confidence in understanding the theoretical basics of what wine entails. A broad and detailed scope of topics enables each participant to talk about and promote wine with informed appreciation. By the end of the course, each person would have learned the essential wine-related knowledge to pursue limitless opportunities in the Wine and Hospitality Industry.


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