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World Champion Sommeliers Join Star Wine List South African Jury

Cape Town, 24 July 2023 – The highly anticipated Star Wine List of the Year South Africa event is back and promises to be an unforgettable celebration of excellence in the world of wine. On September 16th, the South African Sommeliers Association (SASA) and Star Wine List will gather wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, and industry professionals to celebrate the finest wine lists in the country. The event, hosted at Hazendal Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, will showcase the most exceptional wine collections, featuring renowned establishments that have earned their place in the spotlight.

”We are excited to come back to South Africa to celebrate the great wine lists and teams across the country. Besides the esteemed sommeliers Tawanda Marume and Julie Dupouy, this year we bring not one but two sommelier world champions to the jury: Marc Almert, ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2016 and Raimonds Tomsons who won the championship this year.” Krister Bengtsson, founder of Star Wine List

Distinguished by an all-star lineup of judges, Star Wine List of the Year South Africa will elevate the wine competition to unparalleled heights, ensuring an impeccable and fair evaluation of the participating wine lists. This year, we are thrilled to announce the esteemed panel of judges:

  • Raimonds Tomsons - Reigning Best Sommelier of the World 2023. The recipient of numerous accolades and titles, including Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa 2017, Raimonds Tomsons is a true luminary in the wine world. His refined palate and vast knowledge make him a vital asset to the Star Wine List of the Year South Africa, ensuring a fair and rigorous evaluation process.

  • Marc Almert - As the ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2019, Marc Almert's discerning taste and passion for wine elevate the competition to international standards of excellence. Marc's presence on the panel adds a global perspective, enriching the event's reputation.

  • Julie Dupouy - With an impressive background as Ireland's best-known female sommelier, Julie Dupouy's contributions to the wine industry have been exemplary. Her insights and judgment will play a key role in determining the most outstanding wine lists.

  • Tawanda Marume - With an impressive career spanning several continents, Tawanda Marume has become one of the most respected voices in the wine industry. As the Best Sommelier of Zimbabwe 2019, Tawanda brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the judging panel, adding prestige to the event.

The Star Wine List of the Year South Africa awards will take place alongside the Best Sommelier of South Africa 2023 Competition.

The event not only recognizes the exceptional efforts of talented sommeliers and establishments but also encourages continuous improvement and growth within the industry.

Save the date for the Star Wine List of the Year South Africa on September 16th at Hazendal Wine Estate, and prepare to be enchanted by the world of fine wines, judged by an unrivaled panel of wine connoisseurs.

To enter your wine list, click HERE. (Free to enter and the deadline is Sunday, 30th July 2023)

For further information, please contact Erica Taylor, General Manager of the South African Sommeliers Association.

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