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Court of Master Sommeliers Comes to Stellenbosch the 18th-20th of September

Chenin Noir South Africa brings The Court of Master Sommeliers Europe to Cape Town, South Africa.

Chenin Noir South Africa was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced multi-industry professionals. It was born from a passion rooted in creating an inclusive hospitality industry that encompasses the improved experience of customers and empowers providers with international knowledge for them to participate on the global stage. Breaking through many glass ceilings by achieving multiple accolades, Chenin Noir South Africa aims to be the vehicle to assist the hospitality industry in becoming the best on the continent and, eventually, the world. Chenin Noir South Africa focuses on providing its various stakeholders with leading education and holistic hospitality consulting solutions.

The established partnership with Chenin Noir South Africa and The Court of Master Sommeliers strengthens the vision of providing the best education and adding to a world of Africa’s top Sommeliers. This exclusive partnership aims to provide these courses to all Sommeliers looking for a chance to further their education and skill set. In 2019 The Court of Master Sommeliers welcomed 5 Certified Sommeliers and 18 Introductory Sommeliers to its Prestigious Ranks from the first course held in South Africa.

Through local collaboration Chenin Noir South Africa is excited to have this program available again in South Africa. All students and Master Sommeliers will enjoy education in Sommelier style in Stellenbosch at L’avenir wine estate. This is made possible by our venue sponsor and host Advini South Africa. Chenin Noir South Africa has appointed the South African Sommeliers Association (SASA) as the Sommeliers Instrustry advising partner. South African Sommeliers Association (SASA) board and their local teams have been integral in planning the moments for all the fundraising dinners, wine sponsorships, and Sommeliers' guided tasting week. (More details to be shared). Chenin Noir South Africa and the South African Sommeliers Association (SASA) believe we need to ‘Promote a culture of food and beverage service excellence in South Africa (SASA, 2022).’

Registration is open for The Court of Master Sommeliers Introduction and Certified course.


an educational necessity for the African continent

2022 course dates: Sunday 18th September - Tuesday 20th September 2022

L'Avenir Wine Estate, Stellenbosch - Cape Town, South Africa

How to book or register your seat or for any course queries:

Chenin Noir South Africa media and general queries

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