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🍷🎉 Congratulations to our newest SASA Introductory Sommeliers 🎉🍷

We're thrilled to announce that these talented individuals have passed the rigorous SASA certification exam and are now officially recognized as introductory sommeliers. Their dedication and passion for wine are genuinely inspiring, and we can't wait to see where their careers take them.

Cheers to a bright future in the world of wine! 🥂

  • Awonke Tyumse

Awonke is currently working as a Wine Advisor at Ernie Els Wines. He has achieved WSET level 2, Cape Wine Academy Certificate, other wine-related qualifications, and now recently the SASA Introductory qualification.

  • Siyasanga Juqu

Siyasanga is a wine drinker and practicing sommelier at Culture Wine Bar, in Cape Town. Her hobbies include wine, cooking, and dancing. Her most recent achievement was passing the SASA Introductory exam, and her future goal is to further her studies in the wine industry. Siyasanga dreams of opening her own wine store in her hometown and teaching more young black people about the beautiful world of wine.

  • Tadiswa Chikwanha

Tadiswa is a wine steward at Culture Wine Bar, and developing his true passion and love for wine. He is Zimbabwean but has been in Cape Town for an extended period and enjoys interacting and meeting new people. He also has a serious passion for football. He is one step closer to becoming a SASA certified sommelier.

  • Elvis Sigidi

Elvis is a wine steward at Culture Wine Bar. Since starting at Culture Wine Bar his knowledge and passion for wines have grown thanks to Chef Matt Manning, Sam Ross, and Caroline Ngwenya. Elvis has experience in the hospitality industry in Cape Town and in Johannesburg and he is now one step closer to becoming a SASA certified sommelier.

To start your journey into becoming a SASA certified sommelier, please contact

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